Mechanics and durability of lime-based textile reinforced mortars

  • Bahman Ghiassi University of Nottingham
Keywords: Textile reinforced mortars, TRM, FRCM, FRM, Lime, Masonry, Mechanics, Durability, Experimental testing, Numerical modelling


Application of lime-based textile-reinforced mortars (TRMs) for strengthening of masonry structures have received a growing attention in recent years. An extensive effort has been devoted to understanding of the performance of these composites and their effectiveness in improving the seismic safety of existing masonry structures. Nevertheless, several aspects regarding the durability and mechanics of these composites still remain unknown. This letter is an effort on highlighting those aspects considering both experimental and numerical modelling approaches.

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Ghiassi, B. Mechanics and Durability of Lime-Based Textile Reinforced Mortars. RILEM Tech Lett 2020, 4, 130-137.