Journal's history

RILEM Technical Letters journal was launched in March 2016. The founding Editor in Chief was Prof. Nicolas Roussel from IFSTTAR (at that time holding a mandate of the RILEM TAC Chair). The Deputy Editor in Chief was Prof. Pietro Lura from Empa (at that time holding a mandate of the Editor in Chief of Materials and Structures). The editorial management of the journal was carried out from the start by Dr. Mateusz Wyrzykowski.

In April 2017 the associate editors were appointed: Enrico Sassoni, Alexandra Bertron, Emmanuel Chailleux, Robert Flatt, Guillaume Habert, Ueli Angst, Susan Bernal Lopez and Ruben Snellings. In August 2017, two new associate editors joined the editorial board: Prof. Kenichiro Nakarai and Prof. Shashank Bishnoi.

The journal became indexed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) in September 2018.

In September 2019, Prof. Alexandra Berton from INSA Toulouse became the new Editor in Chief of the journal and Prof. John Provis from University of Sheffield became the new Deputy Editor in Chief. Also in September 2019 Dr Wolfram Schmidt joined the editorial board as a new associate editor. In April 2020 Prof. Dr Jean-Paul Balayssac and in August 2020 Prof. Dr. Shiho Kawashima joined the editorial board.

In August 2020, RILEM Technical Letters was included in Scopus database.

In March 2021 Prof. Daman Panesar and in April 2021 Prof. Klaartje De Weerdt joined the editorial board.