The first volume (2016) of RILEM Technical Letters has been closed!


We proudly announce that the first volume (2016) of RILEM Technical Letters has been closed! During the first 10 months (the journal started in March 2016) we have published 20 letters. Thanks to the commitment of the voluntary reviewers and the editorial team, we were able to provide the authors with a very fast publishing process, on average 40 days from submission to publication.

We are happy that the journal and the published letters drew a lot of attention from the community. The first 10 letters published in the first 6 months have been downloaded on average 280 times each (with over 450 downloads for the most read letter)! This is comparable to the most prestigious journals in the field. Congratulations and thanks to the authors!

We also improved the visibility of the letters by assigning DOIs to letters and by depositing the references lists in the Crossref database. We hope that these measures will attract new authors and new readers in 2017. 

We use this opportunity to thank the authors, voluntary reviewers and readers for their commitments and interest in our journal. Thanks to you, it is progressively gaining recognition in the field.

We are now opening the 2017 volume and look forward to new interesting submissions. You are welcome to visit us and benefit from the full Open Access at


Sincerely yours,

Nicolas Roussel, Editor in Chief
Pietro Lura, Deputy Editor in Chief
Mateusz Wyrzykowski, Managing Editor