Use of 3D printing to create multifunctional cementitious composites: review, challenges and opportunities

  • Branko Savija Delft University of Technology
Keywords: 3D printing, cementitious composites, self-healing, reinforcement


Additive manufacturing has been a topic of interest in the construction industry for the past decade. 3D printing of concrete structures promises great improvements in construction efficiency, waste reduction, and shape optimization. Another field where additive manufacturing offers opportunities is on the material level of cementitious composites. Techniques developed in other fields can be used to create multifunctional cementitious composites beyond what is possible with conventional technologies. This letter reviews recent developments in the field. Different applications are discussed: creating reinforcement for cementitious composites, creating capsules and vascular networks, and cementitious composites with superior mechanical behavior. Challenges for further research and practical applications of such materials are also discussed.

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Savija, B. Use of 3D Printing to Create Multifunctional Cementitious Composites: Review, Challenges and Opportunities. RILEM Tech Lett 2020, 5, 16-25.