Dolomitic filler in self-compacting concrete: a review


  • Ahmed Abdalqader Queen's University Belfast,
  • Mohammed Sonebi Civil Engineering School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen's University Belfast



Dolomite; self-compacting concrete; filler; alkali-carbonate reaction


The utilization of fine powders as fillers in self-compacting concrete (SCC) application is widespread, particularly in Europe. The incorporation of these fillers to attain the self-compatibility properties of SCC seems to be cheaper than the use of chemical admixtures. Among the wide range of potential fillers, dolomitic powders, particularly generated as by-products from quarry’s processing, are locally available and can be used to produce SCC. Few studies have shown that dolomitic powders can be incorporated in the SCC’s mix design, resulting in acceptable fresh and hardened properties of SCC. The particle size distribution and fineness of the dolomitic powder as well as the level of addition are the key factors affecting those properties. The influence of the chemical nature of the dolomitic powder on the properties of SCC, particularly the durability (e.g. alkali-carbonate reaction), is yet to be investigated. Furthermore, more efforts are still required to investigate the use of dolomitic by-products in the production of SCC.

Author Biographies

Ahmed Abdalqader, Queen's University Belfast,

School of Natural and Built Environment

Mohammed Sonebi, Civil Engineering School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen's University Belfast




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Abdalqader, A.; Sonebi, M. Dolomitic Filler in Self-Compacting Concrete: A Review. RILEM Tech Lett 2020, 5, 75-84.




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