Sharp Front analysis of moisture buffering

Keywords: Moisture buffering; Moisture emissivity; Penetration depth; Sharp-Front model; Sorption; Vapour permeability


Moisture buffering describes the use of materials with high water-vapour sorption capacity to provide humidity control

in interior spaces. Established models of the moisture dynamics of buffering are derived from conventional Fickian vapour-diffusion

equations. We describe an alternative analysis using a Sharp-Front formulation. This yields a similar expression for the 

moisture effusivity, several consistent scalings and a new definition of the moisture penetration depth. Features of the model are compared with 

some published experimental data. A new sorption buffer index is a measurable experimental property that describes the water-vapour 

buffer strength of the material.

Author Biography

Christopher Hall, University of Edinburgh

Professor Emeritus, Professorial Fellow

School of Engineering

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Hall, C.; Lo, G. J.; Hamilton, A. Sharp Front Analysis of Moisture Buffering. RILEM Tech Lett 2021, 6, 78-81.