Present status and issues of control technology for cracking of mass concrete in Japan

  • Toshiaki Mizobuchi Hosei University
  • Shingo Asamoto Dept. of Civil & Environmental Eng., Saitama University, Japan
Keywords: mass concrete, thermal crack, crack control, volume change, thermal and mechanical properties


This paper presents the current state of the control technology for cracks caused by heat generation due to the hydration of cement during construction in Japan. For the prediction analysis for thermal cracking of mass concrete, this paper presents the CP method that was developed for the first time in the world, the thermal cracking probability, the simple evaluation method that can predict and estimate the thermal cracking without performing complicated analysis and the evaluation method for expansive materials using the mechanical energy conservation hypothesis. In addition, issues are introduced for the next revision of the guidelines.

Author Biography

Toshiaki Mizobuchi, Hosei University

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

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Mizobuchi, T.; Asamoto, S. Present Status and Issues of Control Technology for Cracking of Mass Concrete in Japan . RILEM Tech Lett 2021, 6, 25-35.