Overview of cement and concrete production in Latin America and the Caribbean with a focus on the goals of reaching carbon neutrality


  • Yury Villagrán-Zaccardi Ghent University
  • Ricardo Pareja Inter American Federation of Cement (FICEM)
  • Lina Rojas Inter American Federation of Cement (FICEM)
  • Edgardo Fabián Irassar Facultad de Ingeniería, Centro de Investigaciones en Física e Ingeniería del Centro de la Provincia de Buenos Aires (UNCPBA–CICPBA-CONICET)
  • Andrés Torres-Acosta Tecnológico de Monterrey, School of Engineering and Science
  • Jorge Tobón Cement and Building Materials Research Group, Departamento de Materiales y Minerales, Facultad de Minas, Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • Vanderley M. John Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo




low carbon cement; supplementary cementitious materials; cement production; global warming potential


Carbon neutrality to limit global warming is an increasing challenge for all industries, particularly for the cement industry, due to the chemical emission of the process. For decades, reducing the clinker factor has been one of the main strategies to reduce the carbon footprint. Additional cuttings in the clinker content of cements seem possible with the upsurge of novel supplementary cementitious materials. This potential contribution represents only a fraction of the required carbon reductions for achieving the goal of carbon neutrality in the coming decades. This paper describes the current situation of the cement industry in Latin America and the Caribbean and the global opportunities and strategies to reduce the carbon footprint of cement and concrete and their adaptation to the regional conditions. Besides describing emerging supplementary cementitious materials, the potential contributions of industrialization and quality control are discussed. Moreover, limitations related to geography and standardization are analyzed. Regional considerations are made given the specific prospects of human development.




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Villagrán-Zaccardi, Y.; Pareja, R.; Rojas, L.; Irassar, E. F.; Torres-Acosta, A.; Tobón, J.; John, V. M. Overview of Cement and Concrete Production in Latin America and the Caribbean With a Focus on the Goals of Reaching Carbon Neutrality. RILEM Tech Lett 2022, 7, 30-46.