Preparation of field samples and characterization of the microstructure of bituminous materials as displayed in field samples by AFM measurements

  • Hartmut Fischer TNO, Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research
  • Sayeda Nahar
Keywords: bitumen, asphalt, filed samples, AFM, microstructure


The properties of asphalt concrete depend strongly on the interaction between binder and fillers/aggregates. Especially the development of microstructures of the bituminous binders employed and the interaction of the different parts of the microstructure with the solid surface of the filler particles are important parameters in determining the long-term performance of these materials. This paper describes a procedure for the preparation of an extracted field sample to be accessible for micro-structural investigations by atomic force microscopy and the results of such experiments.

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Fischer, H.; Nahar, S. Preparation of Field Samples and Characterization of the Microstructure of Bituminous Materials As Displayed in Field Samples by AFM Measurements. RILEM Tech Lett 2017, 2, 10-13.