Behaviour of high-performance concrete at high temperatures: some highlights


  • Pierre Pimienta
  • Maria Cruz Alonso Institute of Construction Sciences Eduardo Torroja (IETcc-CSIC)
  • Robert Jansson McNamee Brandskyddslaget
  • Jean-Christophe Mindeguia Institute of Mechanics and Engineering (I2M), University of Bordeaux



High-performance concrete (HPC), High temperature, Fire, Microstructure, Chemical transformations, Thermal properties, Mechanical properties


High-performance concrete (HPC) is one of the most recent types of concrete among the materials used routinely in building and civil structures. Their development in structures applications and the growing need for the justification of their fire resistance has led several laboratories to carry out research on their properties at high temperature. This letter presents some main aspects related to their physicochemical changes, thermal properties and mechanical properties at high temperature. It introduces a State of The Art prepared by the RILEM Technical Committee 227-HPB (Physical properties and behaviour of High-Performance Concrete at high temperature) and untitled “Behaviour of High-Performance Concrete at high temperatures”. This State of the Art will be publish in a next future.

Behaviour of high-performance concrete at high temperatures: some highlights




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Pimienta, P.; Alonso, M. C.; Jansson McNamee, R.; Mindeguia, J.-C. Behaviour of High-Performance Concrete at High Temperatures: Some Highlights. RILEM Tech Lett 2017, 2, 45-52.




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