A discussion on the order of magnitude of corrosion current density in reinforcements of concrete structures and its link with cross-section loss of reinforcement


  • Raoul Francois LMDC




corrosion current density, reinforced concrete, anodic current density, cathodic current density


This paper deals with the determination of the corrosion current density in chloride-induced corrosion in reinforced concrete structures. Because the corrosion of steel bars is generally localized, calculations of the densities of corrosion current need to take the real surface areas of anodic zones into account. Nowadays, in the lab or on site, the calculation of densities of corrosion are based on arbitrary steel surface areas, which merge anodic and cathodic zones. As a result, the order of magnitude of corrosion current density is not correct; it is underestimated. A second aspect of the paper is the relationship between corrosion current density and the prediction of service life in RC structure when including a part of the propagation phase. The consequences of the corrosion current density on mechanical properties such as corrosion-induced cracking or load-bearing capacity must consider that anodic areas grow both laterally and in-depth.




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Francois, R. A Discussion on the Order of Magnitude of Corrosion Current Density in Reinforcements of Concrete Structures and Its Link With Cross-Section Loss of Reinforcement. RILEM Tech Lett 2022, 6, 158-168.




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