Numerical simulation of multi-layer 3D concrete printing


  • Jon Spangenberg DTU
  • Wilson Ricardo Leal da Silva
  • Raphaël Comminal
  • Md. Tusher Mollah
  • Thomas Juul Andersen
  • Henrik Stang



3D concrete printing, Computational fluid dynamics, Multi-layer prints, Rheology


This paper presents a computational fluid dynamics model fit for multi-layer 3D Concrete Printing. The numerical model utilizes an elasto-visco-plastic constitutive model to mimic the flow behaviour of the cementitious material. To validate the model, simulation data is compared to experimental data from 3D printed walls. The obtained results show that the numerical model can reproduce the experimental results with high accuracy and quantify the extrusion load imposed upon the layers. Such load is found to exceed the material’s yields stress in certain regions of previously printed layers, leading to layer deformation/flow. The developed and validated numerical model can assist in identifying optimal printing strategies, reducing the number of costly experimental print failures and human-process interaction. By doing so, the findings of this paper helps 3D Concrete Printing move a step closer to a truly digital fabrication process.




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Spangenberg, J.; Leal da Silva , W. R. .; Comminal, R.; Mollah, M. T. .; Andersen, T. J.; Stang, H. Numerical Simulation of Multi-Layer 3D Concrete Printing. RILEM Tech Lett 2021, 6, 119-123.




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