Multi-scale and multi-physics deterioration modelling for design and assessment of reinforced concrete structures


  • Mette Geiker
  • Alexander Michel
  • Michel D. Lepech
  • Jie Wu
  • Henrik Stang



concrete, reinforcement corrosion, multi-scale, multi-physics


This paper discusses the need for reliable and valid multi-scale and multi-physics prediction models to support the design of new as well as the assessment, maintenance, and repair of existing reinforced concrete structures.

A multi-physics and multi-scale deterioration model for chloride-induced corrosion of reinforced concrete has been established. Ongoing work includes extension of the model to 3D as well as modelling of the impact of the steel-concrete interface characteristics and electrochemical potential on chloride thresholds.

Identified challenges include, among others, the improved understanding and modelling of single- and multi-deterioration mechanisms, environmental exposure, and data for validation.

We envision that next generation maintenance and management of reinforced concrete infrastructure will combine numerical simulations based on multi-scale and multi-physics principles and extensive in-situ monitoring, allowing continuous Bayesian updating of 4D simulations of functional performance.




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Geiker, M.; Michel, A.; Lepech, M. D.; Wu, J.; Stang, H. Multi-Scale and Multi-Physics Deterioration Modelling for Design and Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Structures. RILEM Tech Lett 2017, 2, 119-128.




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